Start-up competition Media Park

Media-related start-ups are invited to pitch for accommodation at the Media Park where space is being created for international start-ups and fast growers in the heart of the Dutch media industry. From September start-ups will be able to occupy several places that are being made available at the Media Park, including the Studio Centre, at The institute of Sound and Vision and at the NPO. These start-up places offer new entrepreneurs excellent opportunities to intermingle in the Dutch media hotspot. The winner of the Start-up competition gets free accommodation, coaching and support  for a whole year (worth €10,000).

If you want to do business, grow fast, focus on media services and can use the knowledge of media companies, then there is only one place to be in the Netherlands: the Media Park in Hilversum. This is where the business, customers, expertise, investors and facilities are that can give start-ups a springboard.The large companies already established at the Media Park are able to work very closely with the start-ups and thereby help bring innovation into our industry and drive it forward!

The start-up facilities at the Media Park are being offered at a very affordable price. The winner of the Start-up competition will even benefit from a year’s free accommodation as well as get coaching and a platform via the iMMovator network and via the partners in the Mediapark Accelerator programme. A flying start in the media industry is guaranteed!

Therefore join the Start -up contest! Complete the form below and let Media Park, Sound and Vision and iMMovator know why you deserve a start-up place.

Registration procedure
Registrations is free and is possible from June 18th until August 31. Read the contest rules "Media Park offers start-up space" before you sign in. To subscribe, please fill in this registration form. In addition, please send the following documents to

1. Short description of the start-up (indicative max 3 x A4 in one PDF):

  • the entrepreneurs,
  • the company’s (intended) main activity,
  • product/service/technology,
  • target group(s),
  • the added value for the potential target groups(s),
  • the business model and earnings model,
  • the innovative nature according to the participants,
  • the ambition between now and 3 years’ time.

2. Explanation of why the company needs or how it can enhance the ecosystem at the Media Park. For example, consider:

  • how will the company enrich the Media Park?
  • how can the Media Park enrich the start-up, e.g., through solidarity of the product/company with the Media Park ‘brand’?
  • in what areas does the company expect to have something to offer to the companies already at the Media Park?

3. A videopitch of no more than 2 minutes (max 400 MB)

4. A Specification of required space in m2 and facilities (based on a period of one year as of 1 October 2015, earlier if possible)

5. A Specification of required forms of supervision/support from the Media Park in specific and concrete terms, such as technology, infrastructure, media expertise in general, business models in media, investments, state-of-the-art research, links with (inter)national partners

The jury will assess the submissions in terms of: Feasibility and realism of the business plan; Innovative nature; Growth potential; Enhancement of the Media Park profile; Distinctiveness and originality; Experience of the participating team; And for the Beeld en Geluid prize: the extent to which the submission relates to the core tasks and innovation agenda of Beeld en Geluid. The competition’s jury comprises:

  • Pieter Broertjes, Mayor of Hilversum
  • Jan Müller, director of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
  • Roel Raatgever, director of UtrechtInc
  • Edwin Hengstmengel, Investment Manager, Van den Ende & Deitmers Crossmedia Fund
  • Henk Hagoort, Executive Board chairman of the Dutch Public Broadcasting Company
  • Mark Achterberg, commercial director of the Media Park

The winner will be announced on 4 September at the Cross Media Café Coming Soon combined with the festive Seasonal Opening at the Media Park. Two winners will be selected: 

a. One winner of a year’s free accommodation in the Studio Centre with coaching from iMMovator (worth max €10,000).
b. One winner of a year’s free accommodation at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision with coaching from iMMovator (worth max €10,000) and from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (worth €8,000) 

Do you have questions or comments about the Start -up competition? Contact George Freriks and Rick van Dijk via

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